Exporting DataΒΆ

Datasets can be exported in a variety of formats with the exportDataset() method.

The default export (saveFormat=CSV) results in production of three separate CSV files:

saveDir = '/path to save outputs'
  • sampleMetadata: with a row for every sample and a column for every separate sample-related metadata field
  • featureMetadata: with a row for every feature and a column for each separate feature-related metadata field
  • intensityData: intensity value per variable (column) and sample (row)

An alternative option (saveFormat=UnifiedCSV) results in export of a single file, which contains the sampleMetadata, featureMetadata, and intensityData concatenated together, with samples in rows, and features in columns:

dataset.exportDataset(saveFormat='UnifiedCSV', destinationPath=saveDir)

The nPYc-Toolbox also supports exporting metadata in ISATAB format.

Reports can also be saved to file, see Quality Assessment Reports for details.