Configuration FilesΒΆ

Behaviour of many aspects of the toolbox can be modified in a repeatable manner to create new workflows by creating configuration files.

Default parameters for Dataset objects can be configured as they are initialised by supplying a SOP file containing the desired parameters.

SOP parameters include aesthetic factors such as figure sizes and formats as well as quality control and analytical parameters.

By default SOPS are read from the nPYc/StudyDesigns/SOP/ directory, but this can be overridden by the directory specified in sopPath=, that will be searched before the built in SOP directory.

SOP files are simple JSON format files, whose contents are used to populate the Attributes dictionary. See the default files in nPYc/StudyDesigns/SOP/ for examples.

The nPYc-Toolbox comes with a built-in set of configuration SOP files for each dataset type, for full details see Built-in Configuration SOPs.

New pre-definined TargetLynx SOP files can also be created, for full details see Generation of Targeted SOPs.